For over 20 years, our choir has been dedicated to achieving musical and vocal heights and sharing our love for music with our audience. We take pride in our extensive repertoire and our ability to sing a wide range of music styles.

One of the ways we set ourselves apart from other choirs is our dedication to recording our concerts. Thanks to the commitment of Jendrik van Dijk, who has supported us in this, we have been able to build up a large number of recordings of our concerts. These recordings are available to our audience and ensure that everyone, wherever they are, can enjoy the music we sing.

Of course, nothing compares to a live performance! Our concerts provide a fantastic opportunity to see and hear our choir in action. From intimate chamber music to large choral works, we have something for everyone. Our concerts are always inspired and offer a unique experience for our audience.

Where can we be heard?

Double, double toil and trouble